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GOV OBIANO Sets the Pace Yet Again
Executive Governor Anambra state.

What is Anambra Integrated Emergency Medical Services?

AIEMS coordinates all the emergency services in Anambra State and its component stakeholders which includes SMOH,SEMA, FRSC, PARAMEDICS,FIRE SERVICE, NPF,RED CROSS, NIGERIA ARMED FORCES, CIVIL DEFENCE, TEACHING HOSPITALS, PUBLIC, PRIVATE and MISSION HEALTH FACILITIES, Organizations providing emergency Ambulance services etc

The EMS system is triggered by a member of the public through a call to an emergency phone number, which puts them in contact with an Emergency Contact Centre, that then dispatches a suitable ambulance service with emergency team to deal with the situation anywhere within the system coverage.

The ambulance service provides resuscitative care and transfers the patient to definitive care center (accident and emergency units of a hospital).

Nigeria, in recent times, has witnessed a rise in morbidity and mortality due to insurgency attacks, bomb blasts, road traffic accidents, collapsed buildings, floods, disease epidemics, fire outbreak and non-violent emergencies such as cardiac arrests, stroke and sudden deaths, ectopic pregnancies, domestic accidents etc.

Reduce emergency response time to less than 15minutes.
Minimize complications and subsequent death due to improper handling of accident victims from scene of accident to the Health Facility.

The first responders here are trained health professionals, Paramedics, FRSC, Police, Fire Service with ambulances and all other allied agencies.
•Expert health care at scene of the incidents to the point of definitive care.
•Synchronize harmony and co-operation between all the components involved in emergency response.
•Lay a frame work for preparedness of Anambra state to coordinate state agencies in times of disaster.
•Domesticating the National policy on EMS is necessary for a functional pre-hospital care system in Anambra.


is to be managed by a crop of highly trained professionals, consisting of the following:
a.Pre-hospital personnel (paramedics)
b.Hospital Physicians, Nurses, and other Health workers etc.
c.Administrators and Health Managers
d.Emergency Service infrastructure(Ambulance with Basic Life Support services) in good working conditions, equipped Accident & Emergency units, emergency drugs and consumables, side lab, etc.

(24 hrs man power)
(24 hrs light supply)
(24 hrs water supply)
(24 hrs emergency Ambulances)


spread across the 3 senatorial zones, public/private/mission health centers with adequate ambulances.


AIEMS will
• Control, co-ordinate and set up make shift health post at scene .
•Ensure tertiary hospitals, private hospitals with ambulances are pre in formed and prepared .
•AIEMS will ensure easy access to disaster site for evacuation.
•Ensure all its components are on standby and ready.
•Ensure all emergency materials are available for basic life support .
•Ensure understanding among various emergency response components of their roles as first responders.
•Ensure that a medical hot line is maintained for information and inquiries .

Anambra state to adopt National Policy on Emergency Medical Services by Federal Ministry of Health, Nigeria.
•To establish AIEMS coordinating center at the state SEMA building.

Government to alleviate financial burden to Ndi Anambra by implementing free medical service for the first 24hours of care.
•Government to sign memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Private and Missionary hospitals for smooth operations.

•The hospitals to benefit in the following ways,
1. Fee from patient management
2.Government to further upgrade their facilities being used for better services and to attain international best standards.

•Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in AIEMS will give philanthropists opportunity to donate CUSTOMIZED ambulances, tricycles, motorcycles and ‘HELP’ centers etc.

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