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Obiano Has No Intention of Leaving APGA, Obidigbo is Simply Suffering From ObianoPhobia

Please disregard the ill informed statement by an aspirant of All Progressives Congress, Chike Obidigbo stating that “Obiano is giving up on APGA.”

Obidigbo who was ignorantly speaking through his aide on Social Media, Eneh Victor Chigozie  tried to confuse the unsuspecting public by insinuating that governor Obiano is “begging for APC ticket” because he “has lost hope with the leadership crisis in the party and has relocated to Abuja where he has intensified his lobbying to join APC.”

Being an aspirant without clear cut blue print, we are not surprised at the level of lies and propaganda being propagated by Obidigbo and his team. 

Instead of focusing on resolving the impasse  which made the Northern Youths to give ndi Igbo an ultimatum to return home, Obidigbo and his team are busy formulating lies and spreading hate amongst ndi Anambra.

This isn’t the first time and might not be the last, so I advise the good people of Anambra State to take note of these aspirants, their team and parties, for they do nothing but concoct and spread falsehood.

Let me state categorically that the willingly working Willie has no intention of leaving APGA. Gov Obiano has stated this severally and as Akpokuedike, he is a man who stands by his people.

Obidigbo and his team are simply suffering from the fear of governor Obiano whose giant strides in just 3 years have become points of reference in Anambra, Abuja and beyond.

Igbo is our Identity, APGA is our Party!

Umu Nnem ... Nke A By Nke Anyi!

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