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DUNUKOFIA PEOPLE........WHO ARE WE?........pt 1

Dunu was the son of Okofia.He was destined for greatness and his ancestral home, "OBI" which is called "OBI-Dunu" was at Ukpo-Mmili in Ifite-Dunu .
He inherited the "OBI" from Okofia, his father by right of succession.
Dunu married two wives called Obunma and Ayolo.Obunma who was the senior of the two wives gave birth to Ukpo,Ifite-Dunu and Ukwulu while Ayolo was the mother of Nnachi (Umunnachi) and Dioka (Umudioka).
By order of seniority ,Dunu had five children from two wives ,Obunma and Ayolo  who were married from Agukwu-Nri and Adama respectively.
By order of seniority, the names of Dunu's children were Ukpo,Ifite,Nnachi,Dioka and Ukwulu.

Dunu , like his father Okofia was a brave adventurous hunter and farmer.
The children of Dunu were into farming,hunting,palm wine tapping and were ardent good worshippers of their "chi".

The Local government,Dunukofia LG was created in the first week of December,1996 by Late General Sani Abacha.
Dunukofia is a nucleus.
Its the only local government in Nigeria created for towns that have blood relationship with one father.
The only town that joined this mysterious organism called Dunukofia in 1996 was Nawgu .
Nawgu was not a son of Okofia but they live in Dunu's land and by choice decided to join us and be a town in Dunukofia LG.

In my subsequent posts, I will write on the Religion and Worship of Dunukofia people,Kingship,Our relationship with our neighbors,Titles and title taking,Festivals in Dunukofia.
"The greatest crisis in life is an 'IDENTITY CRISIS". "You have an "IDENTITY CRISIS" when you don't know who you are and what you can do by reason of who you are".........Pastor Chris Oyakhilomew.

Now,I present to you,DUNUKOFIA FESTIVAL (Dunufest) And The Celebration Of A LIving Legend ,Prince Engr Arthur Eze (Ozoigbondu) on 17th April,2017 ,Easter Monday at Dunukofia LG Secretariat, Ukpo by 10am.

It' ll be a festival where we will present our culture to the world and celebrate a living legend of our time.
You have attended Argungu festival and Calabar festival but your story will not be complete if you fail to attend "Dunufest".

Clear your schedule and do your best to be there.

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