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How Matthew Monday (Mr Nigeria) Encountered A Mad Woman At Oniru Beach.

Hear the story of Matthew Monday ( Mr Nigeria 2015 ) 

It's was a bright and beautiful afternoon I went on set , after changing up for the shoot I saw a strange woman whom other people called mad woman, I felt pain in my heart and couldn't stand to see how famished she was. 

I was touched and moved , I could not pin what gave me the courage to approach her. At first I was scared , so many discouraging thoughts filled my mind , I thought she was going to hostile , fight me or shout but to my utmost surprise , when I got closer to her she calmed down immediately.

Then I sat close to her even though I was still scared. I asked her if she has eaten anything but she refused to answer , she was just staring at me. 

I gave her some money ,she refused to collect it but she later did and put the money on her toes. Then I told her to go get something to eat but she still did not answer she was just staring At me. 

I had to stand up for my shoot and said to her 'I am going for a shoot  I would see you before going home' , immediately she stood up and followed me. I was surprise but that was the time I understood the purpose of this lady.

 I had to feature her on the shoot and we took some shots together , before I left the location I noticed that lady she was stronger , in a lighter mood and more better. 

She almost cried because I was leaving , maybe she had not gotten the chance or opportunity to sit with anybody in years talk more of being cared for.

Today , I want to use this opportunity to tell you that you shouldn't miss the chance to make people happy. 
Go out and dispense hope, love , joy and care . Be a light to the world and have a wonderful New Year. 

Matthew Monday ( Mr Nigeria 2015 ).

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