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Niger Delta Red Devil Militants Vows To Shock Imo State and Nigeria in Their Next Attack.

The Niger Delta Red Squad, the militant group operating 
from the Ohaji Egbema axis of Imo State, has alerted the 
Imo State Government and law enforcement agencies in 
the state of the expiration of their two weeks cease fire, 
adding that, the next phase of their operation would take 
the state by storm.

The group, which earlier said their agitation was against 
the inordinate exploitation and marginalisation of the oil 
bearing communities in the state, warned that Imo State 
and Nigeria will be shocked by their next attack. A terse 
statement posted on their Facebook page read, “Our two 
weeks seize- fire is almost coming to an end, and then we 
will start full operations. Imo State and Nigeria will be shocked 
at what we are going to do in our forthcoming attacks.”

The group seemed particularly peeved by comments made 
to the news media by the Brigade Commander of the 34 
Artillery Brigade, Obinze in Imo State, Brigadier - General Kay 
Ishyaku , though they did not specify the exact statement that 
got their attention.

According to another post on their Facebook wall, the group 
said, “Since the Brigade Commander of 34 Artillery Brigade,
 Obinze, thinks he can talk to media, let him wait for us at Owerri, 
we will teach Imo State lessons they will never forget as soon 
as our two weeks cease-fire elapses.

Rochas Okorocha and Army General Ishyaku should get ready. We are coming.”

In an earlier statement issued by the group last month, 
they had vowed to cripple the activities of oil companies 
operating in their area for allegedly exploiting the community 
without living up to their responsibilities to their hosts.

The statement read in part, “Oil companies started 
operations in our community since 1957 but till date ,
 we have nothing to show as benefit and for the Imo 
State government, we will make sure you make no further 
gains from Ohaji Egbema.”

Continuing it read, “Since the creation of Imo State in 1976,
 neither Imo State Government nor oil companies have 
remembered us, we have been neglected and abandoned. 
No electricity , no tarred roads, no drinking water, no hospital, 
no youth employment or empowerment.

We shall destroy everything in Imo State that was built with our oil money. ”

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