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Mother and Daughter Fights Over Lover In Abuja.

It is true that the end times as predicted in the Holy Books is 
surely here or what would make a mother and her daughter 
engage themselves in a serious fight over a married man?

That is the question that has been begging for answers after the 
mother and her daughter decided to fight it out in the streets 
when they found out that the man was sleeping with both of them.

According to a reliable source ,who witnessed the incident which 
happened in Nyanya area of Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, 
the woman who is a single parent of four, hails from the eastern 
part of the country and runs a beer palour in the area while her
 daughter is said to be a student in a university in Nasarawa State, 
though no one is sure if she is truly a registered student with any institution.

"It was a sight to behold as the woman who is probably in her 40s, 
engaged her daughter who cannot be more than 22, in a serious 
fight in her beer palour. They fought so bitterly that the fight spilled 
outside, drawing a large crowd of onlookers.

They tore their clothes and were only left with only their underwear.
 We later gathered that they were fighting over a man who has
 been secretly dating the two of them; imagine sleeping with both 
mother and daughter.

When we were able to calm them down, we asked what led 
to the fight but the mother was silent initially until the daughter 
opened up that her mother snatched her man friend who has 
been sponsoring her in school."

"At that point, the mother also opened up, saying it was 
actually the daughter that snatched the man from her, saying 
she had been dating him for over five years and the man only 
started sleeping with the daughter last year.

It was really a shameful thing to behold. Whatever happens to morals?"

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