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Man Escapes after Killing His Lover inside Hotel in Lagos

Following a man you don't really know and who's not known by your family to a hotel for s*x due to the money you will get is a stupid act. Ladies should stop allowing money blind them into such mess.

The police in Lagos have launched a manhunt for a man suspected to have murdered his lover at a hotel on Prince Adeyemi Street, Ikotun, Lagos.

It was learnt that the suspect, whose name had yet to be ascertained, had lodged in a room in the hotel – Taola Hotel – with his girlfriend around 9.30pm on Friday.

He was said to have paid for one hour "short time" which was supposed to elapse around 10.30pm.

Workers of the facility, however, became worried when it was 12am and the guests did not check out of the hotel. The manager of the hotel, identified only as Ahmadu, was said to have gone to check the room only to discover that the woman was dead, while the suspect had fled.

Ahmadu reported the case at the Ikotun Police Division, while the remains of the victim were deposited in a morgue.

A resident of the area, Jibola Adesina, said no one could explain how the suspect escaped from the hotel.

He said, “The police came to remove the corpse. No one can say how the man managed to escape from the hotel because it has only one entrance.”

Another resident, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the man had said he wanted to buy something outside the hotel and fled afterwards, adding that the management suspected something was wrong when he did not return.

“I learnt from one of the workers in the hotel that the man came out of the room around 10pm. He said he wanted to buy something outside. He left, but did not return. It was when they waited in vain for his lover to step out that they decided to go into the room. She was found dead,” he said.

A worker of the hotel, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told Punch during a visit to the area that the incident “shook everyone”.

He said the lovers had come to have “a nice time”, adding that their details were not collected because they did not have the intention of passing the night.

He said, “It was unfortunate. They just came to spend a short time together. That was why their details were not taken. The case was reported to the police.”

Police is looking for the man but there is not much information to track him down yet. How sad!

Source : Olufamus 

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