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I am Pleased with Progress made in Anambra – Pat Ebube Utomi

In a recent close up in Lagos, Pat Okedinachi Utomi, Professor of political economy takes a probing look at Governor Willie Obiano’s great efforts in Anambra State and concludes that the fundamentals are quite promising. 

Excerpts - 
“I am pleased to see the progress that has been made in Anambra. 
"I am one who has been very critical of the governors of the South East for a very long time. 
"I think development needs to move out of Lagos. 

"Lagos is now responsible for more than 70% of Nigeria’s economy and a good part of those who make that happen come from the South East and if the governors won’t create an enabling environment for them to create back home what they are building elsewhere, something is wrong. 

"So, I was lifted up to see progress in Anambra and to see the efforts being made to collaborate across the Niger to see if that will happen. 

"I think, this needs to be continued, it needs to be strengthened so that the appropriate levels of investment flow will go in there because that region, which I like to call the Niger Basin, should become the Rhine Valley of Africa.

"In Lagos here, we are very proud of the bridge that links Ikoyi to Lekki. 
"But the last time I visited Anambra, I said, look o! Willie is Working wants to bring our bridge to Anambra! 

"So, interesting things are happening and I am proud of what is going on and I am hopeful that more will happen.

By James Eze

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