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Female Kidnapper Disguised Like A Mad Woman Napped In Lagos.

happened between 7am and 8am this morning.
 I happened to witness part of the said episode, and can 
confirm that the woman in question is indeed the kidnapper as 
alleged. Here is her modus operandi and some vital information 
eventually gotten from her.

She disguises as a mad woman, but after she was beaten, she 
became 'sane' and fear of lynching made her start divulging information.

 She claimed that they were twenty-seven (27) women in all 
that came as a group of the syndicate from Benin Republic. 
Each woman was given 4 or 5 phones to contact their buyers 
once the target; little children, is acquired. The phone is to be 
thrown away after transactions to avoid detection. If she uses 
diabolic means, it could not be ascertained. 
The kidnapping is for outright sale, not for a ransome

The missing child-count in Okokomaiko and its environs since 
the past two months is at seven children. At Okokomaiko some 
days back, another female kidnapper was apprehended after 
she successfully kidnapped one and was back for a second 
child before she was noticed. Unfortunately, she could not 
produce the first child before she was whisked away by the police.

So, Parents, Guardians and Siblings, take adequate steps 
to ensure your child never fall victims to these 'women on 
rampage'. One can never be careful enough with kids, but 
this time, you're not saving them from themselves, but from 
adults who're far more deceptive. Ensure your child/children 
avoid strangers and do well to tell their teachers to monitor 
their movements during and after school.

Source : Nairaland 

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