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A Nigerian man popularly known as Otto was yesterday stoned to death in Togo.

Otto who lived in Dakar Senegal before relocating to Togo allegedly got his Togolese girlfriend pregnant and they had a little mis-understanding. His girlfriend apparently got pissed and mobilized her brothers who descended on Otto, stripped him Unclad and stoned him to death for not controlling his manhood and getting their sister pregnant. That’s the girl in the photo below.
From his friend,
My Friend Otoo was in My House day before Yesterday we Stayed Together eat and chart and Discuses Matters on How to Move Ahead with Life, after that he Sleep after he Woke up and told me bye bye till Tomorrow, being Yesterday 30th of June, by 11 a.m I called my friend his Number was picked by Togolese Police, Then i rushed to Find out what Happened, Reaching where I saw M Friend Picture laying down Dead, I asked Question Till now i still Can’t Believe What I am hearing, that Otoo was Stone by Togolese People?
Just that he has a little misunderstanding with his pregnant girl friend and she planed and gathered all their Togolese brothers and Accused him Stealing and stoned him to death without any reason, and started Re-grating Crying saying she never plan he will die since Yesterday till now i am Still Afraid is this How this World is Just Like That Otoo is No More.

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