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7yrs - Old Boy Chibuike, Detain by Nigeria Police for Alleged Murder

Chibuike's mum, Nwakaego.

A primary 2 pupil, Chibuike Oramalu, has been detained by the Enugu State Police Command for alleged murder. Police detained 7-year-old Chibuike over the death of a 12-year-old boy, Oluebube Boniface, on May 29, 2016.

According to the boy's mum, Mrs. Nwakaego Oramalu, Chibuike has been in detention since May 30.

The single mother of five children, said the incident that led to her son’s arrest and detention happened at a residence in the Independence Layout area of Enugu, where she worked as a housekeeper.

She explained that the owner of the property, Mr. Edwin Oforma, gave her an accommodation in the house, adding that she lived there with her children.

She said, “On May 29, while I was away at the Adoration Ministry at Emene in Enugu, for the Sunday church service, my boss’ son, Chukwunanu Oforma, a National Youth Service Corps member, asked my son, Chibuike, and Chibuike’s 10-year-old brother, Ifeanyichukwu, to tidy up a room belonging to his father.

“While Ifeanyichukwu swept the room, Chibuike laid the bed. Chibuike found a gun near the bed where he was working, and he took it to Ifeanyichukwu, who asked him to return it.

“It was while he was returning the gun that he mistakenly pulled the trigger, releasing a bullet which struck Oluebube, who was in the next compound, on the chest. He died on the spot.”

Nwakaego said Chukwunanu and his father, Edwin, had yet to be seen since the incident happened.

She explained that she was called to return home from church over the incident. On her return, policemen from New Haven Police Station, who removed the corpse, took her and her children into custody.

According to Punch, the matter was transferred to the State Criminal and Investigation Department, Police Headquarters, Enugu, where Nwakaego and her children made statements.

While the woman and her other children were released two days later, Chibuike, who was regarded as the main suspect, was held.

Nwakaego said police said until they see her boss, Edwin, who was the owner of the gun, Chibuike would not be released.

She added that police asked her and the father of the deceased to contribute the sum of N60,000 for autopsy before Oluebube’s corpse would be released for burial. What is the meaning of that?

Meanwhile, in a petition to the Inspector-General of Police, a human rights lawyer, Mr. Olu Omotayo, has demanded Chibuike’s release.

Omotayo, who works with the Civil Rights Realisation and Advancement Network, said under the law, a seven-year-old was not capable of committing a crime.

The lawyer demanded appropriate punishment for police officers involved in Chibuike’s detention.

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