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Female Student Raped By School Teacher In Lagos

Some folks just use their hands to get themselves into a mess. A computer teacher, Mr Cosmos Ubaja has been arrested by the police in Lagos after r*ping a 14yrs old schoolgirl in the Owutu area of Ikorodu.

It was learnt that the victim, Victoria (real name withheld), was lured by the suspect when she went to his shop to make photocopies after school hours.

According to Punch, Victoria, who attends a public secondary school in Owutu, Ikorodu, had been allegedly r*ped by the suspect on several occasions in eight months.

The girl, who is in Junior Secondary School, Class 3, was given pittances such as N50, N100 and N30, each time the man slept with her.

It was learnt that the suspect, who owns a computer centre in the area, was contracted by the school to teach the junior pupils computer studies.

The suspect gave Victoria N30 after the latest encounter, which occurred on Wednesday, June 1, 2016.

A police source told Punch that the bubble burst when the girl complained to her mother that she had stomach pains and her menstrual cycle was affected.

She said, “Ubaja is married with a son. He is not a worker of the state government. The school just arranged with him to be teaching the pupils computer studies since he has a computer centre.

“He works on the school’s examination papers and answer sheets. The school is in a very quiet community. Pupils usually go to his centre to make photocopies and train with his computers.

“The suspect had been r*ping the girl for months. He gave her between N30 and N100 each time. The girl kept the secret away from her parents.

“But the last time he r*ped her, she complained to her mother that she was having stomach pains and her menstruation had stopped. She was then taken to a private hospital.

“That was where it was discovered that she had been r*ped several times. The girl confessed that it was the computer instructor who r*ped her and he was arrested. He has also confessed to the crime.”

But is this r*pe? The man took advantage of a minor, slept with her many times. He should face the law.

Source: Olufamus 

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