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Don't Visit The ATM On Fridays.

Armed robbery has taken a new dimension in Nigeria especially 
Lagos given the abundant ATMs in Lagos, Armed robbers now 
visit ATMs on Friday evenings so as to forcefully collect the ATM 
cards and PIN codes of customers.

❖ A lady at gunpoint had 3 of her ATM cards snatched, 
her PIN collected with a total of #680,000 withdrawn 
between❖ Friday and Sunday night from her three accounts via ATM.

Their Tactics

They approach you with a smile while you are attempting 
to make a transaction, display their guns and also point to 
their colleagues around in case you attempt to play smart by 
refusing or screaming.

They then collect your ATM cards and ask for your PIN codes. 
They confirm the PIN there to know if it’s fake.

Their Intention
Their intention is to withdraw at least the Bank ATM 
withdrawal limit of #100,000 daily between that Friday, 
Saturday and Sunday.

They do this criminal act on Friday evenings when they know 
Banks had closed for the day and are on weekend break.

They know majority of Nigerians don’t have the phone 
numbers of their Account Officers or any staff in their 
bank and as such can’t place a call to have their ATM 
card blocked by the bank until 7am Monday morning when banks resume.

❖ Withdrawal via ATMs should be done at most Friday 
afternoon when banks are still open.
❖ Avoid withdrawing on weekends especially on 
lonely and relatively less secure environments. 

Please be careful and wise.

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