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FG Moves To Stop Religious Prayers At Government Events, May Replace It With This

Uju's Opinion......
The idea good but them for add am say make thunder fire all looters, I mean all these politicians wey dey loot country people money make all of dem fall down and die, eeehee! If dem add am join , I go happy wella. Na My small opinion ooo! Make una no kill me.
Strong indications have emerged of the Federal Government’s move to stop the saying of opening prayers at events across the nation and replace it with reciting the second stanza of the National Anthem....

The National Orientation Agency (NOA) led by the newly appointed acting director general, Ngozi Ekeoba announced the move on microblogging website, Twitter on Thursday, March 24, 2016.

The agency wrote: “The 2nd stanza of Nigeria National Anthem is being promoted by the NOA as opening prayer at events.”

Although a handful of Nigerians kicked against the move but the agency insisted that it was a great step towards promoting the National Anthem.

A source privy to the matter disclosed that the agency rule is yet to be enforced as the agency is still consulting with relevant stakeholders on the issue.

“The new DG has been promoting it since she came on board, but she is also careful not to receive a backlash for the idea given the very religious nature of Nigerians,” the source said.

“So at the moment it is not been enforced but they are pushing the idea to many people, agencies, government departments and parastatals and many are okay with the idea. The feedback so far has been positive.”

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