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Shocking!!! Have You Seen a Burning River Before? Please Watch The Video Below.

The river of fire
The astonishing video appears to show a river exploding into flames as methane gas leaks up through the water.
The footage was posted on Facebook by an Australian MP who claims nearby fracking and coal seam gas mining has caused pockets of the greenhouse gas to leak out.
It shows Greens representative Jeremy Buckingham holding a candle lighter out over bubbling gas in Queensland's Condamine River - and leaping back in shock after the air around him bursts into flame.
Even splashing water over the flames emanating from the surface does not extinguish them. Buckingham can barely contain his fury and calls for "b***** crazy" fracking to be banned.
The New South Wales MP said in his post: "I was shocked by force of the explosion. So much gas is bubbling through the river that it held a huge flame.

"Not only is it polluting the river and air, but methane is an extremely potent heat trapping gas."
When his candle lighter produces the shocking explosion of flame Buckingham almost leaps out of the "tinnie" boat and exclaims, "Unbelievable!"
He added: "Fugitive emissions from the unconventional gas industry could be a major contributor to climate change and make gas as dirty as burning coal."
Watch the video below:

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