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Man Accuses Eucharia Anunobi’s Pastor Of Sleeping With Late Wife

psalm okpe
R-L: Apostle Psalm Okpe, Eucharia Anunobi, and Okpe’s wife during Eucharia’s ordination

Last week, Nigerians were shocked to read about a married female gospel act, Yvonne Omoarebokhae, who died in a hotel after performing for a pastor she met on Facebook.

However, husband of the late musician, Odion Omoarebokhae, has accused Apostle Psalm Okpe of Fresh Oil Ministries, Egbeda, Lagos, of sleeping with the late singer in the hotel.

The man claimed CCTV footages revealed that the funky man of God, who ordained veteran actress, Eucharia Anunobi few years ago, were both lodged in the hotel, where the woman was later found dead.

Apostle Okpe had reportedly organised a programme in Delta State, where he invited the gospel speaker to perform. It was said that both of them met on popular social networking platform, Facebook.

Last week, the senior pastor of Fresh Oil Ministries precisely at Orelope Bus stop in Egbeda, told police investigators that the singer went home after the church programme at Sapele, Delta State.

Husband of the deceased disclosed on Monday that he was yet to understand how Apostle Okpe cajoled his wife to the hotel.

He said he decided to state what he saw on the hotel CCTV footage because it was only through the media he could fight those he called powerful men behind Apostle Okpe.

Omoarebokhae claimed the video recordings showed that Apostle Okpe spent over one hour alone with his wife’s lifeless body inside the hotel room.

“My wife is a singer. She goes out to minister and comes back. She went to minister in a church programme in Sapele and at 9pm I was called to come to Airport Road Police Station that she has issues with some persons.

“I went and the police did not open up early until I threatened them. It was later I discovered that Pastor Psalm Okpe that invited her for the programme has killed my wife.

“Luckily, she has sent pictures of the programme to everybody.

“After the programme, she came to Benin and how the Pastor managed to manipulate her to that place is what I don’t understand. I have seen the CCTV footage.

“Initially the Pastor said my wife went her way after the programme but we saw in the CCTV that contrary to what he wrote, she actually slept in the hotel. From the CCTV, immediately they entered, my wife was following him like a dog, like somebody without senses,” he narrated.

Speaking further, he said, “The next morning, Apostle Psalm came out of the room. He stood by the door like somebody thinking of what to do before going out with a taxi. He spent five hours outside. By the time he came back, he went to the reception to demand for his key hoping that my wife had left to go and die in her house.

“They told him that the key was not with them and that his key was with him. They called the porter who brought a spare key and forced the door open.”

“Immediately the porter opened the door, he left and the Apostle entered. He spent another one hour 18 minutes with the lifeless body. He went out again and the porter and other hotel staff were waiting for him.

“They asked him what was the matter that the guest inside could not open the door after knocking severally. He said his co-minister is unconscious. They asked him to wait and they called the Police.

“The police told me they met my wife fully dressed like somebody about to go out. They took her photographs like somebody taking a nap.

“I have seen my wife’s body. There is no physical mark on her. From what I observed, she was given an overdose of substances that her system could not take.

“People have been calling me telling me to try and bury my wife. I told them that I did not sell her and I will not collect any money. The doctor told me that they have sent the specimen to Lagos for the result and I am now reading about reports claiming that she died of cardiac arrest.

“I want the law to follow the issue closely. I never knew Apostle Okpe. My wife usually post morning devotional things in Facebook and from there he contacted my wife. She goes out to minister normally. She was supposed to return that day. I was expecting her to come back that day.

“After the autopsy, the police called and told me to go and bury my wife but I refused. I told them I was not ready to dialogue. The police did the autopsy. I did not hire any private doctor. I am here because the only way I can fight a man that powerful is the media.”

Source: Aproko247.

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