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The All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), calls on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Security Agencies and other federal government establishments, which their Personnel will be on electoral and Security duties during the Anambra State governorship election slated for Saturday,18 November,2017, to be above board, non partisan and ensure that the electoral guidelines,rules and regulations are strictly adhered to the letters as well as to provide an even playing field for the 37 political Parties that are participating in the forthcoming Election. It also demands from them a credible poll, to make sure that every vote counts and for the Electorate to be the ultimate Decider of who wins the Election.

More so, APGA implores them not to give in to anti- democratic Agents and negative reactionary Forces moving about with their filthy lucre, seeking the connivance of willing hands to conspire against our fledging democratic ethos,produce fake electoral materials, engender seemingly crisis in order to compromise the voting process,manipulate the collation of results, undermine the emergency of the popular choice of the Anambra People and invalidate the genuine outcome of the Election.

Moreover, the Party earnestly advises the Purveyors of electoral  malfeasance and brigandage who are neck-deep and hell bent on rigging the election to have a rethink, repent and jettison the unwholesome, diabolical and untenable idea because with the high level of political consciousness created by the party,the traditional and the modern Media, such will never be tolerated by People of Anambra State, Nigerians and the Apostles of democratic principles and norms across the world. However, it is a common axiom that he who sows grave whirlwind will generally reap momentous windstorm.

Also, APGA says without equivocation, no matter the dastardly scheming and evil plots of some unscrupulous political elements that it is neither fazed nor nonplussed with the knowledge that the Party is dear to the People like a co-joined Twins that are entwined and inseparable.And that one with the People and God is in the majority and will always triumph.

Therefore, the Party urges the People of Anambra State to turn out en masse for the election without any atom of fear and make a loud and unmistakable statement by voting their own; the chosen All Progressives Grand Alliance and its Standard Bearer; the workaholic-working-Willie; Dr Willie Maduaburochukwu Obiano. And thereafter, be vigilant and protect their votes from the Hawks and Vultures hovering around and within the state, with their sugar coated tongues, self-deceptive empty promises, to confuse the gullible and have the opportunity to perch on the state and its treasury,to destroy it cherished heritage, devour the secured common patrimony, leave it in carcass and return it to the days of anomie and disorderliness.

Finally,a good mark of appreciation and reward to APGA and it's Standard Bearer, for an excellent, selfless and dedicated service to the People, is to renew the mandate  to the Party and its Candidate, for a second tenure.

Ifeanacho Oguejiofor

National Director of Publicity, APGA.

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